Total revamp!

Ok today I’m grabbing the horn by the bulls!


I’ve been wanting to have my  instagram focus on my paintings for a while as it was at the beginning of it. The thing is, instagram and nude photography don’t work together. So if you can’t beat them, join them. Their rules say that nudity in drawing is Ok (but posting videos of people dying and hurting others is OK (God I hate this stupid app, and if I could afford not to be on it I would!)) But back to our laurels, I want to do more, paint more draw more, shoot more, edit more, create more, so my IG account will feature paintings, drawings, street art murals and so on, but no pictures, or not many.


The website was a bit trickier to come up with something that I liked, I’ve been at it for more than a year. It’s all about the galleries and how to display my work in the best light. I was trying to organise then pictures by category, by style, but what do I do? Portraits, fashion, nude, action, there are always some pictures that don’t fit either, or some categories will only have a few pictures, and so on…

So after a long time trying to organise the categories, I thought, let’s not have any. Instead, I’m going to display the best 15 from my shoots, focusing on ART NUDE, GLAMOUR, LINGERIE and PORTRAITS.

I just need a few days to carry on sorting them all out, I’ve been at it for a few days as well as getting up at 4am and bed late this week for a big job…

The best way to select pictures

For a while I was looking for the best way to review pictures, and after about 6 months of trying it, here’s what I think of Slidebox:

So as you all know (if you’re a photographer, or you take a lot of shots) sorting out pictures from a shoot takes a while. Because I shoot JPEG (unless my client asks for RAW files or the light is tricky) and I always try to shoot my pictures without the need for retouching or almost none, I already save a lot of time reviewing pictures. But nonetheless when you are going through 700 pictures from a shoot, you need an easy way to do this.

As I said in the video below, I don’t use macs because sorting pictures out on them is a nightmare. I sold my mac after 2 months, because of all the restrictions and sorting pictures being tricky. A lot of people told me to use Lightroom, but I don’t have time to learn another software, that can do less than photoshop. The easiest way I found was Adobe bridge, it’s free if you are already paying for photoshop. but even that is not perfect. So even if PC’s are the easiest way for me (I had to download windows photo viewer from a 3rd party because “windows photos” is just as useless as mac’s “preview”) I found an even better way, and that is Slidebox. This thing will cut your sorting out time massively! You can be siiting on the train, plane, taxi, and other chairs without being graphic, but guys will relate, and sort out an entire shoot within 10 minutes.

I use it on my tablet and this is (in my opinion) not suitable for phones. When we shoot, we review the pictures on the back of the camera by zooming in to check the focus, but the screens are small and the pictures really come to life on a bigger screen. My tablet is an 8″ display and for me the size/weight/portability ratio is perfect. Anything bigger works well, anything smaller (and I’ve tried loads) isn’t suitable.

A bit more about the app…
So it’s a great app to save time and do a good selection of the pictures before transferring them onto the computer if needed. The only little downside is a small glitch from time to time where the picture doesn’t load and you need to swipe left and right so it appears, no biggie really. Also, as I said in the video, you need to drag or paste your pictures to the internal memory of your device, not the sd card. For me it’s perfect, though most of my pictures are nude or lingerie, so that makes sorting them out in public a little trickier…

I hope this helps, have a good day.



Walking around London

Yesterday I went for a walk in London…

After having such a good time in LA, coming back to a freezing London and not the best time painting in the street I needed some R&R in my happy place. Unfortunately the trains were messed up so Instead of Richmond Park and went to Battersea park. I seemed to have gone at the right time as I caught the golden hour which made the leaves of Fall really nice (and crunchy as you walk on them 😉 It was so nice to take a walk at easy pace, unlike my usual 30 mile per hour walk rushing around. I move fast because I like speed, not because I’m late. I’m always on time, most of the time.

The most amazing thing was disabling Instagram on my phone (my account is still up, I’m sure I’ll come back to it, maybe…) so no constant checking of that luminescent device to see if people have commented, like or connected somehow, making me think I’m one step closer to flying in my private jet.

As I walked through my country of adoption (getting rid of me soon, brexit…) I reminisced upon the things I did, the people I met, the different person I am now, compared to when I lived in Battersea all these years ago. I guess at the end you start thinking of the beginning, sorry this was taken from the film limitless, which is the way I feel now. After reading that one book I keep telling everyone about, that’s changed my life drastically! So here I am again recommending it to more people.

Passed Albert bridge onto Kings road I came across a theatre called Curzon that reminded me of LA all over again, like it’s a sign I need to keep pushing and make my way to that place of my dreams. The reason I thought of it is because the wall I painted the black and white mural was at the corner of Melrose and Curzon.

The day ended nicely as I went to finish a job for a client whom invited me to his place with his friends for some Cognac and good laughs. So half quoting Ice Cube: Yesterday was good day!

See ya people…