Owl girl

  So I met up with my friend Milly whom introduced me to her friend Malena, and as I was planning to paint with my buddy Aspire the next day I asked her if I could take a portrait picture of her to paint on a wall. She agreed, we took a few shots and the next day, we were going to paint in Croydon on an awesome wall courtesy of Steve from┬álondon calling blog, but a car was parked too close to the wall so we headed to Waterloo, Leake street, and we thought we'd paint it another time. This was one of my best collab with another artist, we started with a well thought out plan then went freestyle, and it seemed to work flawlessly. I love the level of detail that Aspire painted in the eyes, as well as the feathers. Myself I'm really pleased with the wall Malena turned out, and I took extra care painting good teeth as she's a dental nurse... Olivier.

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My new shop!

So here is my new shop! As you can tell there is a lot of work to do, first we're clearing out all the junk the replacing the roof. Then I can start kiting it out and getting it ready to make videos. This is the main purpose of getting the shop. I'm planning to film videos and painting murals and making props. Im hoping to start filming next week. Check out my YouTube channel! Olivier.

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New website!

As you can see, this is my new shiny webbie. I've still got a bit of work to do to make it perfect, add pictures to the galleries, a shop page and more but as I'm working long hours everyday, it's taking a bit longer than I expected. Anyway, many new cool projects to come your way very shortly! Olivier.

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