L’origine du monde / The origin of the world

My new hero!

So today I went to the Musee d’Orsay in Paris with my sister (whom is also an artist) to see some beautiful Art Nude. What I saw really amazed me, I saw works from absolute masters from many years ago. These men and women could really really really paint! Unlike a lot of wannabe artists from today whom have to explain their work (I always think if it needs an explanation, is the art lacking skills? I wouldn’t dare say yes it does…or would I! If I need to explain one of my artworks, I’ve messed up, end of story. Because art is subjective, it’s up to my audience to come up with what they think I was thinking at the time, not me. I bring the beauty (or mess) and they come up with the explanation)). As we were strolling through this massive treasure, I remembered that on the Eurostar over I had seen a video of  a woman walking gracefully through the small room barefooted and sporting a golden dress, sat down and opened her legs to reveal her own version of the origin of the world and a lot of people applauded (I would have too, had I been there) but those sensitive souls made the powers that be, remove the painting. Though to my surprise and absolute YES MAN moment, I read that the director of the museum told the woman at the police station that had she come to him, he would have allowed her to perform (part of the rebellious attitude that resides in all French people).

Anyway, the painting that I had heard so much about and that is (or was) one of the most important piece of the gallery (amongst the 4 parts of the world represented by 4 women of different looks representing Europe, Asia, Africa, America) in my opinion, had been moved to the artist (Gustave Courbet) birth place… OR DID IT!?!

As I walked around the corner on the ground floor to the right, here it was, in all it’s glory! I was drawn to it, then I ended up staring at it for a while, overhearing some opinions over my shoulder. I couldn’t move, I was thinking about what he had been thinking when he painted her, what he was talking to her about while he painted her, the subtle green colours he (and many others) used in their skin tones, the pubic hair as a Bold statement (pun intended) and how brave this man was in that time to have painted such a beautiful and controversial canvas.

Everything I saw after that painting was second best. He didn’t need to explain anything, the skills, subject and everything else involved in this painting was a big enough catalyst for me to provide my own explanation.

What struck me too, was the fact that such a controversial piece get its own wall, and its own room, the other paintings there were just a mere decoration, in my opinion. It instantly gave me hope for my own career, as I embark in a beautiful and controversial subject.

Thank you Gus!


DISCLAIMER: this is partly a rant and a cry for help!

So let’s begin…

My field is Art Nude, or erotic, glamour, I’m having a hard time finding the right label. And after strolling the internet (feeling like a pervert) I cannot find any Nude galleries! Have “we” become so fucking prude that “we” are so afraid to see art freely? I create beautiful art, that’s my aim, whether it’s using cameras or brushes (spray cans,…) I don’t consider my art to be disrespectful, rude nor shocking, though I find absolutely no fault in creating that way, from painting fucking puppies to pornographic art to portraits, it’s all got its place. So why is my art different to the great Michelangelo because it’s in a different era?

With time our understanding of ourselves and nature should benefit our maturing, not bind us. Since when most of the planet became massive wimps and we have to walk around on egg shells trying not to offend anyone? Well I say fuck that! Being a Frenchman living in Britain, I have the opportunity to “speak my mind” (as long as it doesn’t offend people from a different race (shit not allowed to call it race in France) or different gender (oh snap that is also derogatory toward people that consider that they don’t have a gender (like a table) and it is in no way shape or form going against the mainstream thinking route))) and I want to use this opportunity to work freely and not be viewed as a pervert for doing work that thus far has been perfectly accepted by the masses as beautiful art. But I digress. So, and I will finish my rant here and move on to the second part in a minute, Why is it so hard to find galleries that will show Art Nude photographs and paintings from artists such as myself that live in the present day? All I can find available to me are old paintings and photographs, anything new is viewed as insensitive and dirty. I wonder why Porn is so widely accepted and demoralise behind closed doors and Art Nude is viewed as shady in the public, these are the same people watching Porn and denigrating Art Nude.

And for the second part of this blog, I would like to ask anyone reading this, if they know of any galleries featuring Art Nude, Fetish, Glamour, Erotic photography and paintings. At this point I’m not picky, though I’m more interested in seeing beautiful Nudes rather than explicit porn pictures. I can travel to any location, so if you can recommend gallery shows from around the world in these Art subjects, I’m all ears you can email me at

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I hope we all come to a better understanding of Art.


Becky Holt streetart

I painted Becky Holt a couple of days ago in Waterloo, London. More as an exercise than a display of my work.

As I was tidying up my studio I found a really cool dark green spray can that is the perfect colour for black ink on white skin. So I thought, hey lets paint this picture of Becky that I’ve been wanting to paint. I knew this was going to be a mission, I didn’t realise how literally this was going to be. The temperature was around 0 and I had to stop every 5-10 minutes to warm up my cold fingers. Overall I’m very happy with the result even though they are a few mistakes in the tattoos, hopefully Becky will forgive me…

I will do this one again (or one of that series) onto paper and it will be available to purchase in my shop before the end of the month.