This is a shot of Deena D from a few months ago at her house. we had lots of great ones from this shoot. I started shooting in colour but for some reason, Black and White worked better so we did the whole shoot that way. The beauty about glamour photography is to capture the essence of a woman without making it look erotic, well this is the way I shoot anyway, most of the time…

More of those coming soon.

Jordan AKA Cleopatra

A few days ago I shot with Jordan in the studio. Last time we shot together was about 2 years ago in my flat using only natural light and a simple set up. This was quite different. Having shot with Olya  just before, all my lights were already set up and ready to go. I forgot how agile she was, aware of what looks good and being so knowledgeable on how to pose.

We got lots of good shots, which I will display here and on insta as soon as I get a chance to update my Art nude and Glamour galleries.

Olya by Olivier Roubieu.

2 days ago, I did a shoot with the bubbly Olya. We had shot before together and though I liked what we did before (a lot) I loved the results this time around. From the get go she started posing amazingly and she had the right outfits, when she wore them, and everything was smooth. The only problem we had was the lights kept going off by themselves and misfiring due to either another photographer on the same channel or a faulty receiver. Either way, it worked and I was really pleased. Now I have a ton of pictures to go through/edit because most of them worked. Thanks Olya!