Leaving youtube?!?

Once upon a time, google didn’t own youtube and the platform was awesome! Then came google+ that nobody liked so they sopped trying to shove it down our throats, next it was monetisation, which we all hated at first but then we (content creators) thought we could make money so we enrolled. And NOW!!! Fucking Youtube is doing shadow banning as well! What happened to freedom of speech? After I posted a painting I did of Donald Trump, everything stood still, insta, youtube, and I’m guessing the ranking of my website is not doing that well with google. So what is the answer? Become fucking left wing or fall into oblivion? I started recording a video today, that’s costing me a lot of time and money to make (about a 3d painting, that will hopefully look awesome) but now I’m thinking what’s the point, after realising the video I posted 3 days ago is on 64 views! And the previous one on 100! Not talking about the time, effort (drama) and money that I spent filming and editing the street art course, available to all FOR FREE!!!

I mean what the fuck is the point bothering with all this bullshit gestapo anti-social media nonsense?!? People often email me to thank me for the videos that I put out FOR FREE, and how it helped them paint better or learn a technique, but like instafuckingram, if nobody sees my content, there’s ABSOLUTELY no point for me to carry on creating content!

So I don’t know, I might finish the video I started and upload it but after that, I don’t think I’m going to do anymore videos for you guys. I’m sorry but I’m spending so much effort thinking about the videos, filming them, deleting 4 out 5 because I think they’re not good enough, spending money to do them and then at the end, some motherfucker at infesta fakebook gogle youdontube or twiter to shadow ban my content thinking I won’t notice!!! It’s not worth it to me, I’m sorry you’re going to be penalised for it.

I apologise for the language, but youtube was the only one I liked and now it looks like I’m gonna be straight off the internet, apart for my site. This is fucking sad, and I doubt it’s going to carry on this way. Check out this video in the link below…

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System 3 acrylic paint review

Ok so for today’s blog I thought I’d do a Vlog instead. let me know what you think of it and if you have any feedback about it. If you like it, I will bring a lot more of those.

Daler and Rowney’s System 3 as been my go to paint for years. I’ve painted many murals with it and it has vibrant colors that outlast the test of time (indoors, on walls and canvases, and within reasons outdoors) and it has very good primary colours. I sometimes buy red because it’s just more vibrant than the one I can make with yellow and pink, but nonetheless, it’s a viable option. I’ll keep the blabbing to  a minimum, watch the video and see what you think.


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Posca pens review

OK so to kick off the blog dedicated to art (and I know I’m a couple of days late) I’d like to kick off with a review of my favourite marker pens, Mitsubishi Uni Posca Pens from Japan.

Having used many different brands, what would I say sets these pens apart from the rest? The first main advantage of using Uni Poscas or Poscas for short is that they are made of paint not ink. When painting a mural that makes a big difference, because if I paint or write something with a Posca I can paint on top of it with acrylics or spray paint and it will get covered easily. If I use Paper Mates (that are great permanent ink pens) it will keep “bleeding” or coming through the layers of paint, unless I apply a coat or 2 of lacquer to stop it. Another big reason I choose them is because the paint is really deep and opaque, the colors are vibrant and nice to use, especially on a smooth surface. And the reason I use Poscas over Posterman Pens for example is because I prefer the nibs, 8mm being my favourite.

A quick tip: If you are using a Posca and you need to get a thiner line or you’d like to mix 2 colors together, you can open then and use a brush or create your own color. For a long time I though they couldn’t be open simply because the thread is on backwards, so to open them go clockwise.

See you tomorrow,


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