Saporitalia Portobello

So I was asked to do something a bit different. A new Italian restaurant in Portobello is opening soon and l was asked by the owner to paint the pizza oven so that it would look like a mighty roar from the big cat. I obviously like the idea even though the builders and people around didn’t get it at first. As the paint went on, most started changing their minds about it and by the time it was done they thought it was cool. But today ( the paint is well dry) the chef did the first wood fire and it’s awesome!


271 Portobello

London w11 1lr


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London carnival 2018

4:30am the alarm rang, I looked outside and the taxi was just pulling up. At this time of the morning it took no time at all to get from south London to West London. I was grated by Tima and her ever present smile and a cup of coffee and croissants!

Because the weather was supposed to turn for the worse around 10, I had to make sure it was all done beforehand. So I made a stencil in 6 parts so I could gain time. Once it was traced I screwed in the “feather” props and got to work. At around 8am it started to take shape and I was done around 11.

After that we walked across the crowd in the rain and now I’m sitting in the cinema waiting for the film to start 🙂

A big thank you to Tima from Coconailbar for her hospitality and good vibes.


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