My style of painting is mixed-media. Throughout the years of being a street artist I’ve used many different techniques and products to paint faster, better and more efficiently. I find that if I just use brushes for murals or spray paint for graffiti it’s not always as quick and as fun as it could be. Spray cans however are a bit of an exception because they are so versatile, but even they sometimes benefit from a a few details done with an airbrush or brushes.

Using different products also allows me to paint at indoor event where the fumes from the spray cans wouldn’t be an option. That’s when the marker pens come in. Some brands have very smooth and opaque marker pens making it possible to do live art without fumes from the spray cans, the mess of the brushes or the need for electricity if I’m using an airbrush.

As far as my style itself, and why I paint half black and white paintings with some features with full details is because I love the contrast. For me that’s the most important thing in a mural, the black and the white making everything pop and come to life, the shadows, the highlights created with those 2 colours. I was invited at a paint event once and I was going to use my projector to trace the main features of the lady’s face, but because I knew it would be quite bright in there, on Photoshop I turned the picture black and white so it would be easier to see, but then I rubbed out some of the “wrong” layer exposing some of the actual details of the face. I thought it was really interesting and I didn’t find anyone else painting this way, so that became my style.

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