Painting prices:

Street art Murals:
I charge between £500 to £2000 per day on average. It all depends on the amount of details, the location, the use, and more. I might be painting a huge mural in a day or a complicated small one in 3 days, so it’s impossible to give generic prices. You can contact me with the following information for a quote: Location, size, use (private or commercial) paint techniques (spray paint, brushes, markers, all or any) your budget (if you have a set budget) and other useful information.


Photography prices:

2 hour photo shoots: £250
4 hour photo shoots: £450
>> For longer shoots contact me for a quote.

Makeup by me (10 years face and body painting makeup)
As many outfits as you like and you have time for.
If this is your first time doing a shoot, I’m very patient and I will give you lots of direction for best results.
We can shoot at your house, my studio or other. (any additional costs are to be paid by the client).
The 50 best unedited pictures in HD. (retouched pictures are £15 each)
The shoot is private and I will delete all the pictures once they are transferred to you (unless you allow me to display them).

>> Please contact me for a quote if your shoot is for commercial reasons, overseas, at night or other special requirements.


Private and group lessons are charged £100 per hour, per person. 2 hours minimum.
I will teach you the basics (or a specific technique you’d like to learn) of your chosen subject (painting or photography) during the 2 hours.

Longer lessons are available (eg: 2 days, 1 week or 2 weeks crash course in photography or streetart) for these, I can teach you in England or overseas. You can send me an email for a quote and explain exactly what you’d like to learn, the country I’ll be teaching you in and other useful information.

When I teach people I share years of knowledge I’ve accumulated in books, art college, by trial and error, in the freezing cold and in the blistering heat, and I am passionate about my craft and I therefore only teach people who want to learn, I don’t do team building, fun days out and so on.


Terms and extras:


  • You will need to pay a 50% deposit to book any work and the rest on the day of completion. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • You need to be over 18 to book a photo shoot and you may need to provide an ID.
  • Transport for Jobs outside central London will have to be paid by the client.
  • A Hotel room will have to be provided for jobs outside London and longer than a day. (3 stars minimum)
  • For overseas jobs, the flights will have to be paid by the client. (business class or first class)
  • I reserve the right to decline any offers of work that I am not comfortable with.
  • “A day’s work” is 8 hours, if it needs to be longer, let me know during the brief.

Most of my work is custom, from a mural painting to a photo session, you can get almost anything you like (within reasons) so don’t hesitate to ask with as much info as possible and I will reply with a quote (if I choose to take the job on) shortly.


My name is Olivier, I’m a street artist and photographer based in London, England. I went to art school in 1995 in France (where I grew up) then practised my skills until 2006 when I started working as a full time artist in London. At first photography was a way to implement my artwork and it developed into a career as well. Over the years I’ve used almost all painting techniques from spray painting to airbrushing, traditional painting and digital drawing due to this thirst for knowledge I’ve had from the get go. As far as photography I’ve had a similar approach, trying all sorts of styles and techniques to become a more versatile photographer.

Tools used

Photography: Nikon D810 full frame camera with 2 prime lenses: 24mm & 85mm , and lots of color gels and flashes.

Painting: I primarily use Spray cans and Brushes. Upon request I can use Marker pens, Spray guns, Makeup, Airbrushes, Rollers and more (I’m very experienced in each of those fields, and you can see me use all those techniques on my YOUTUBE channel)

Previous clients

Over the years I’ve worked for many people from big and small companies to private clients, publications and more. Here are some of the bigger companies:

Countries I’ve worked in


Ashlynn Wirth

“Olivier is not only incredibly talented but, he’s passionate about his work, and shows it in his energy when shooting! We had such a great time bouncing ideas of one another, and he made me super comfortable. With a good sense of humor, as well as professional demeanor, I would highly recommend working with Olivier! You won’t regret it!” -Ashlynn Wirth

Sophie Stonem

I have worked with Olivier twice this year and we produced some of my best work. For someone who has been working with the best photographers for at least 3 years it takes a lot for me to decide who has achieved that. I highly recommend shooting with Olivier Roubieu. – Sophie Stonem


I really liked shooting with Olivier because he’s professional and he made me feel comfortable during the shoot.


I worked twice with Oliver and this young talented artist and photographer has so many to offer! I enjoyed my shootings and also I got a masterpiece of art ! Oliver is very well prepared,enjoys all the process of shooting , he is easy going, fun, gentle and a positive energy . I look forward to work with Olivier in the future and would definitely recommend him as a true professional . Xx

Becky Holt

‘Had the pleasure of shooting with Olivier for an artistic nude series and the shoot was fabulous from start to finish. The pictures turned out fantastic and even though time was limited we still managed to shoot some great sets together’

Elle Beth

“I worked with Olivier last year on a body paint shoot, he was professional at all times and the shoot was very enjoyable. Happily recommend him to others.”


“Olivier is not only a talented artist, but also a great photographer – professional, patient, very clear with directions, striving for perfection with every shot. On a personal level he is very friendly and welcoming.Can highly recommend working with him.”

Artem Verovenko, Head of Business Development Linn systems

We have worked with Olivier on 3 projects to date, each covering different media, and he always exceeded our expectations. The first project was models in body paint, using the company colours of blue and grey to give an Avatar-like effect – these were extremely effective at drawing attention to us! The second project was a live graffiti mural at a trade show, which was another effective crowd pleaser and drew repeated visits from a number of people, as well as giving us a very distinctive piece of artwork. Lastly, he created a 3D sculpture of a robot for us, with Audio/Visual elements and a face of one of our employees! 
Olivier is creative, innovative, and focused on ensuring he meets agreed deadlines and schedules. He communicates well on progress and his unique work has ensured that our presence at exhibitions is always a talking point for the right reasons!
I can wholeheartedly recommend Olivier to your company for unique products and work, without being cheesy or ‘novelty’. We’re looking forward to working with him again, and you should definitely talk to him about what he can do for you!

Lee Bofkin Globalstreetart
We have worked with Olivier on a number of projects, including painting murals for Nido Student Living and painting a 90m long mural for the launch of XBox One in Berlin. Working with Olivier has been a pleasure. He is one of the most hard-working artists I know and is typically the last person to leave the client site – if you need to get a job done Olivier is your man! He also has a very broad range of high-level artistic skills and his knowledge of materials and techniques means he is also a great asset to have on board for planning executions.

Olivier is a talented designer who always brings a new dimension to our brainstorming and design. Also what is impressive is that Olivier is always within budget. We would certainly recommend him for any design creative jobs.  

Hamish Jenkinson – Director – The Old Vic Tunnels
Olivier had the technical and artistic skill to make him a great artist, but what’s more important to me is his personality, from interacting with high profile clients to children he’s got a winning personality that people warm to instantly.

Ben Smart
I hired Olivier to do a practical street art demo for a stag-do. It was a great afternoon, Olivier showed us the ropes and helped as we made a mess on some walls in Waterloo. He was a real gentleman and was very good and enthusiastic at what he did.

Vicky, Bang Bang events 
Working with Olivier is an event producers dream. Flexible, relaxed, friendly and of course hugely talented. Not only does Olivier do a perfect job but it’s great fun having him around too.


Working with Olivier was great. Body Art is a special talent – it was amazing to see how he used the paints, magazines and shoes to create a living masterpiece


Olivier is a master of art. Fact. He’s a professional who works with a passion. He’s focused, concentrated and follows his idea but he’s also tactful and delicate while painting. Even it was my very first experience with body painting I felt relaxed and comfortable.He made an absolutely stunning piece of art on my body. And he made me feel self-confident and very feminine.He’s got a Gift to show a woman’s beauty and power! I’m honoured to be a part of his project.