London carnival 2018

London carnival 2018

4:30am the alarm rang, I looked outside and the taxi was just pulling up. At this time of the morning it took no time at all to get from south London to West London. I was grated by Tima and her ever present smile and a cup of coffee and croissants!

Because the weather was supposed to turn for the worse around 10, I had to make sure it was all done beforehand. So I made a stencil in 6 parts so I could gain time. Once it was traced I screwed in the “feather” props and got to work. At around 8am it started to take shape and I was done around 11.

After that we walked across the crowd in the rain and now I’m sitting in the cinema waiting for the film to start 🙂

A big thank you to Tima from Coconailbar for her hospitality and good vibes.


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