Painting Price list

Due to the fact that there are so many factors like: the time, amount of details, the use, the size, the place, access, material used, etc… it’s difficult to display prices here. Therefore, please get in touch for a quote.


I offer art lessons (spray painting, airbrushing) and Photography lessons. You can contact me with what sort of subject you’d like to learn, and I will advise you on the ideal lesson length. You can buddy up with up to 3 or 5 people to reduce the cost. Please note, this is my passion and I only do lessons with people that want to learn, I do not do “fun days out” “team building” nor stag do’s. If my prices are not within your reach or it would be too difficult for you to fly me to your country, you can check out my YouTube channel where I have some tutorials.


Private lessons: £100 for the 1st hour then £80 for each additional hour. You can book from 1 to 8 hours per day.

Groups (2 to 6 people): £200/hour. You can book 2 to 4 hours.

What you need: Clothes that can get paint on, a mask, gloves. You need to be fit to paint and not have any breathing conditions nor allergies to the paint. Under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult.

For spray painting, I will provide the cans and we can do it in the street (legal graffiti wall) or at your location (garden…). For airbrushing I will need to come to your location, free of charge within London, outside will depend on the length of travel and location.


Private lessons: £100 for the 1st hour then £80 for each additional hour. You can book from 2 to 8 hours per day.

Groups (2 to 4 people): £200/hour. You can book 2 to 4 hours.

What you need: a camera (DSLR preferably or any camera with manual settings, no phones)

We can shoot in the street, in the studio (at your expense £100 for 4 hours) or at your location. I will provide a model for your shoot if needed. All participants must be over 18 for Nude and lingerie shoots.

Under 18’s that want to learn in the studio, street or at your location, will need to be accompanied by an adult. (styles: portraits, movement, artistic)

Photography Price list

For photography however it’s easier to give you price packages that you can choose from. Please note, these prices are for personal and/or publication only. For advertising, please get in touch for a quote.

If you are a bit nervous about your photoshoot, we can discuss any insecurities you may have. I have shot with many first time models and non-models and I am very patient and happy to direct you on how to pose so you can look your best.

The prices below include the travel fees.

Terms and extras:


  • For “Magenta, Yellow and Black” shoots an Hotel has to be arranged and paid for by the client.
  • In order for me to take good pictures of you, you need to come to the shoot fresh and rested.
  • These prices are for personal use and magazine publications only. For advertising campaigns, you can contact me for a quote.
  • Once a job has been accepted, the price cannot be changed (in case the shoot lasts less time for example).
  • You will need to pay a 50% deposit before the job starts and the rest on the day of completion.
  • You need to be over 18 to book a shoot and you may need to provide an ID.
  • If you’re booking a nude shoot you can choose to keep the shoot private.
  • *studio and *other location: you will have to cover the costs if you choose to shoot in a studio or other other location, also these must be places where we are allowed to shoot.



  • To get all the unedited pictures £100
  • Night shoot £100
  • Additional unedited pictures £10 each
  • Additional edited pictures £20 each
  • I can build you a prop and/or a set for your shoot, contact me for quote with what you have in mind.
  • To keep your shoot private: free
  • For extra peace of mind if you are doing a nude shoot you can buy a SD card (class 10, 16gb U3 Sandisk xtreme pro, or better) that I will leave with you, of course this means no editing and there is an additional £100 fee as you will get all the pictures.
  • To allow me to display the pictures on my website, Instagram and other social media: £50 DISCOUNT.
  • To have one picture from the shoot painted in the street: £500 (you will then receive a picture of the painting).


Trade for Prints TFP:

  • I sometimes shoot with models as “Trade For Prints” where a model would get to shoot for free in return for the best pictures, that she gets to display online or print as her portfolio. To apply, you can send your online portfolio or 3 pictures of yourself, in the style you want to shoot, (ie: lingerie, portrait,etc…) they don’t have to look professional. However, I have a very busy schedule and I only do a few TFP shoots unless the model has something different to offer like a great location, substantial online presence or a look that I’m looking for.