Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Olivier Roubieu, I’m an artist based in London UK.

Street art, Graffiti, murals, the line is often blurred, I guess if I had to pick one I would say I’m a Street artist because most of my work takes place in the streets.  Though I think street art is more a style of painting than something to do with the location. Graffiti tends to focus on letters, the grit, the underground aspect; Murals are often painted with brushes and are more traditional, but what I like about streetart is that it has a bit of everything. I love mixed-media painting, using spray cans, brushes, and other techniques to come up with something cool and original. The beauty of mixed-media is to use any technique and material without worrying about “selling out” or “cheating”to achieve speed and accuracy in the artwork.

If you want to find out more, you can email me here: info@olivierroubieu.com


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