The dreaded bio that needs to engage the potential client, inspire the aspiring artist, makes me look good, sorry I mean Olivier Roubieu because this is totally not him writing this, and of course must have the right amount of keywords so that google loves it.

Right. Where to start? I guess I’ll start from where I started being an artist, not from when I was told I was or when I got my diplomas but when I started truly being passionate about art and when there was no difference between Olivier Roubieu the artist (Keyword) and the man. That was about a month ago. Before then, my goal was to please a crowd and do things the right way, which goes against what an artist is “supposed” to do. Being an artist is about expressing oneself freely in the hope that the audience will connect with the work. For me my downfall was graffiti, I wanted to belong to this crowd of men-acting-like-kids and constantly telling other artist what to do and not to do. So over the past 15 to 20 years I created with a chip on my shoulder, trying to fit in with a crowd of negative people. That being said, Graffiti (and street art) is an amazing art form full of truly talented artists with good vibes.

So for the past “many” years, I’ve painted people, walls, canvases, cars, clothes, animals (yes, they were happy to participate, I think) with a smile on my face because I love it. The only difference now, is that all I care about is creating artworks I’m 100% happy with as opposed to fulfilling someone’s expectation of what good is.

I dislike putting labels on what I do because like any true creative person, I do everything creatively and with passion, non-artists sometimes have difficulties understanding you can be good and passionate about more things than one. Being labeled a Jack of all trades has held me back for a long time and it is the reason I changed my name a few times, from Shiz to Mr Shiz, to Olivier to Shiz to Olivier back to Shiz and now Olivier Roubieu. I have started so many facebook, Twitter, and other social pages that my friends have given up adding me to their “friend” list.

I think Being an artist is being Ok with going against the grain to produce what resonates with you. Regardless if you are viewed as weird or odd, if anything, the weirder the better, Amy Winehouse, Dalí, The Prodigy, Einstein, must I carry on…

So…To conclude, I am a passionate Artist who loves Body painting, Street art, Prop making, Airbrushing, and other ways to create. I also love delivering quality work to my clients within the agreed deadlines because I understand that to be a great artist one must be able to be a good businessman.

If you would like to book me for a job or find out more, get in touch via Email.  (prompt reply)

Olivier Roubieu.




I have a YouTube channel where you can see more of my work.