London, England U.K.
Olivier roubieu street artist london

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Olivier Roubieu, I’m a Street artist based in London, England U.K.

Since 2004 I have worked for big and small companies as well as private clients worldwide. You can visit the Contact page to see some of my previous clients and their feedback.

Different techniques used:

I like to use different techniques, tools and materials depending on the job from street art to murals. Spray cans work well for most jobs but their fumes sometimes can be a problem so I have to use other tools. When I paint shows and public indoor places I usually use my airbrush, marker pens and brushes with water-based non-toxic paint.

When I paint a big mural and I have the freedom to use what I want, I like to use everything, starting with rollers, then spray cans and finishing with the airbrush and the fine brushes for the details.


Spray cans